Large Triangle Edge Connectors - pack of 2

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Product Overview

Similar to edge connectors, these triangle connectors are the perfect accent to any pattern that has a raw edge, such as the Pika-Boo ITA Convertible Bag, that needs a connector with a d-ring. The back plate removes for easy attachment, and then screws into the front plate with 3mm posts and screws. These larger ones measure 2.5" across the top edge, 2.5" long angled towards the d-ring, to a 1" bottom edge and a 1.25" d-ring (2mm circumference). The sides are open but the d-ring edge is closed to keep the raw edge enclosed completely. Photos show the product details (visit the Zelinsky's Pattern of Holding page to see how to install and more info). These are a Zelinsky's exclusive design!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review